Welcome to Dogstown University where your "best friend" will have the social experience of a lifetime - every time! DTU brings doggie daycare and boarding to new heights of excellence and professionalism - for the dog you love!
Dogs love the all day play at DTU. Campus life at DTU is all about having fun in a safe environment. Our campus provides a safe, clean and positive experience so every day is happy one for your family pet.

The DTU campus has been designed for canine safety, comfort and fun. The campus has both indoor and outdoor play areas. DTU always separates the big dogs from the small dogs during doggie daycare for the safety and comfort of your pet. The dog packs are always supervised by a handler. Safety first is our policy!

We have a very structured dog boarding and doggie daycare routine at DTU. Check out our schedule here.

Are you and your dog interested in doggie daycare or dog boarding? Find out what the next steps are for all incoming canine freshman.



Dogstown University is a state of the art doggie daycare and boarding facility. Our unique campus was created for canines to play, socialize and learn in a safe, clean and supervised environment. From the moment you enter our lobby, you and your best friend will be welcomed as a part of the DTU family.

All new canines will experience a freshman orientation day on the DTU campus. During orientation, your dog will be introduced into either the big dog or small dog pack based on his/her size, age and temperament. Your dog will then be taken on a tour of our campus.

The DTU campus consists of a large astro-turf playground with a water misting system, motorized awnings and industrial fans all meant to insure the comfort and safety of your dog. Pet-friendly ramps, tunnels and bridges on the playground will allow your dog to explore his or her ability to play, hide and play chase with other dogs during doggie daycare. If your dog really loves the water, the playground has paw and bone shaped wading pools for cooling off. The DTU campus also has a large indoor play area with air conditioning, UV sterilizing bulbs and an air purification system to maintain a clean, cool and comfortable environment where your dog can play and relax.

Every member of the DTU faculty is truly a dog lover. They have the knowledge and experience to make your dog’s time with us a positive, fun and stimulating experience. We encourage you to visit us for a campus tour and to meet our faculty.

If your dog attends DTU, you will be able to watch him or her on our high definition camera system which can be easily accessed on your Iphone, Android, Ipad or tablet 24-hours a day. The DTU experience is about giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is being cared for in a safe and friendly environment.

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